Interactive Indies #21 - Video Games!

Matt Woelk is a game developer, improviser, and musician. To Matt, being is learning, mathematics is exciting, and stories are the lens through which we see the world. His goal is to make a game that you've heard of, while supporting the people around him. Working on #PropagandaLlama, a one-button game about indoctrination, and #FeistyHeist! Runs @GamesExplained and @SpaceWagonGames, loves games, rhymes with elk.

I'm Rebecca, and I've always been an artist. Currently I'm living a dual-life: 3D texture artist for Tangent Animation Studio by day and a Dental Hygienist by night. I have no actual formal training in art of any sort, though I do love sharing my ideas and emotions through artistic mediums, especially video games, and that seems to be enough. :) I love meeting new people and exploring wild places!

Julian Beutel grew up in the Canadian prairies playing classical piano and jazz trumpet, then moved to Los Angeles where a passion for composing for film and video games was awakened. In 2015 he composed the music for An Object at Rest, shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Animated Short. He now lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba as a freelance composer and game jam enthusiast. Other projects he’s worked on include My Magical Friend, SkyBoats, and If It Ain’t Got.

Albertine Watson is a communications specialist focused on public relations, marketing strategy, and community management in the games industry. She’s worked on projects for Games Workshop, Focus Home Interactive, and a bunch of indie titles in the past four years. Albertine also gives presentations to junior-high girls on how to get into the game industry. She endeavours to make her own games someday too.

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