Interactive Indies #17 - Noah Decter-Jackson

Noah is the CEO & Creative Director of Complex Games, Winnipeg's first video game development company (as far as we know), which he co-founded in 2001.  During his tenure at Complex he has been involved in some capacity with pitching, designing, developing and launching over 20 games.

He's served on the Executive of the Board of New Media Manitoba, has served on the boards of On Screen Manitoba and North Forge, and was a co-founder and co-organizer of the Winnipeg Game Development Meetup Group, later formalizing it as the Winnipeg Chapter of the International Game Development Association in 2008, and coordinating it until 2015.

Before he got too old he played a lot of Soccer and Ultimate, speaks 3 languages (though none of them particularly well), and outside of being born in Manitoba has been lucky enough to have lived and studied in both Japan and Sweden.

Topics Include:

  • Pre Complex Games

  • Starting a game company

  • The Chrysalis of Complex Games

  • Complex v1

  • Complex v2

  • The first Winnipeg Game Dev group

  • IGDA Winnipeg

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