Interactive Indies #9 - Shera Starr & Josh Grand

Josh Grand, formerly a SharePoint Developer/JIRA Administrator with Bell MTS, is a hobbyist game developer and professional procrastinator. When he's not playing games, he's thinking of game ideas that are far too difficult to implement at his current skill level. One day, he hopes to release an RPG that will rival those of his childhood favorites.

Shera Starr is a 3D surfacing/modeling/character FX artist, having recently worked on the movie Next Gen. She loves making video games, gardening, crafting, and baking in her spare time. She's developed many personal RPG projects starting at the ripe young age of 11, dabbling within OHRRPGCE.

Together, they're a crime-fighting duo that teams up to tackle ridiculous game jam challenges and overall have a great time.

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