What is the Interactive Indies podcast about?

It's about you!

First and foremost the purpose is an opportunity for me personally to get to know you and all the other unique kinds of people that make up all our interactive and creative communities in Winnipeg and abroad. It's an opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with someone that we might not have had otherwise. Going beyond the surface level to get to know who we really are, beyond what we are typically known for, and what makes us unique.

The podcast is an opportunity to share these conversations with the community as a whole in an effort to build stronger connections and relationships.

Where do you record the podcast?

It is recorded in a podcast studio downtown in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For guests that are unable to record in our physical location we will communicate over Discord or by similar means, and record simultaneously through Audacity.

What is the format?

The format is predominantly conversational, with elements of a more traditional "interview" style. This is intended to facilitate a more casual and comfortable environment while also facilitating easier listening.