What is the Interactive Indies podcast about?

Interactive Indies is a bi-weekly community podcast featuring the stories from the people that make up our interactive, game development and creative communities both locally and abroad.

Since 2017 we have invited members of various creative industries in Winnipeg to sit down and share a deeper conversation. Through these conversations we are able to learn much more about all the diverse and unique group of people that populate our various creative communities. The podcast allows us to share their stories and shine a light on these people as we work towards building stronger connections and relationships across our community.

Where do you record the podcast?

We are able to take recordings to any physical location, but typically we have recorded in a couple different locations.

  • Central Winnipeg: Bit Space Development | 112 Market Ave

  • West Winnipeg: Home Studio | Charleswood

For guests that are unable to record in any specific physical location we are able to communicate through any online service (Skype, Discord ect). Where possible we each record separately through Audacity to maximize audio quality for the listener.

What is the format?

Conversational with various elements to facilitate some level of structure. All wrapped up in a casual laid back environment.

This is a conversation between people sharing various life experiences and journeys. Similar in format to Joe Rogan experience podcast, although Interactive Indies is NOT recorded live.